New Patient Information

In order to provide the highest quality treatment plan for your condition, Dr. Connell will need to know a little about you. Past medical history, medications, activities, hobbies, and occupation all play a role in the decision making process regarding your treatment. Plan on arriving at your first appointment 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to allow for you to fill out the paperwork and our staff to enter the information into your EHR (electronic health record).

For our patients' comfort and convenience, Connell Foot Care offers a downloadable New Patient form. Please click on one of the New Patient links, print it out, fill it in, and bring to your appointment.

Please bring a current insurance card, photo ID, list of medications and conditions, MRI and/or X-ray reports pertaining to your condition, any necessary referral documents, and the name of your family physician. In short, bring anything that you feel would help the doctor diagnose and treat your condition and the staff to process your visit for the insurance.

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Specializing in

Diabetic Footcare
Heel and arch pain
Ingrown nails
Nail fungus
Plantar fasciitis
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